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3R's of Computer Vision:
Recognition, Registration, Reconstruction

School Committee
School Courses
Reading Group
Location and Accommodation

Call for Student Posters
Poster Submission
Best Presentation Prize
The Brady Prize
Local Arrangements
Previous Editions

Student Application:
21 March 2012

Notification Acceptance:
31 March 2012

Early Registration:
15 April 2012

Late Registration(with extra payment of 150 €):
After 15 April 2012

Accommodation Reservation at Hotel Village Baia Samuele:
15 April 2012

Poster Submission:
15 May 2012

Local Arrangements Information:
15 June 2012

The Brady Prize : Essay Competition:
15 June 2012

Notification of Decision for Oral Presentation:
20 July 2012 (same day of the presentation)

Submission for Reading Group Competition:
16 July 2012

For more information, send an email to: icvss@dmi.unict.it