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Registration, Recognition and Reconstruction
in Images and Video

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Detailed ICVSS 2011 Programme

Andrew Fitzgibbon
Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Convex and Nonlinear Optimization

William T. Freeman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Computational Photography, Super Resolution, Registration, Motion Estimation, Analyzing Shading and Reflectance, Graphical Models

Martial Hebert
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Scene Understanding, Contextual Classification, Recognition in Context

Ivan Laptev
INRIA, France
Action Recognition, Motion Analysis, Weakly-Supervised Learning

Jiri Matas
Czech Technical University, Prague

Tracking, Learning, Re-Detection

Vittorio Murino
University of Verona, Italy
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
Video Surveillance, Social Signal Processing, Nonverbal Behavior, Interactions Analysis, Tracking, Pedestrian Detection, Re-Identification

Shmuel Peleg
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Image Setargeting, Image Composition, Object Removal, Video Summarization

Kari Pulli
NVidia Research, USA
Computational Photography, Camera Control, Mobile Imaging

Ramesh Raskar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Camera Culture, Computational Camera and Photography, Inverse Problems

Guillermo Sapiro
University of Minnesota, USA

Sparse modeling, Gaussian Mixture Models, PCA, Image restoration,
I mage classification

Josef Sivic
INRIA, France

Recognition and Matching in Large-scale Image Datasets

Stefano Soatto
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Reading Group (with prize!)

Steven Seitz
University of Washington, USA
Google Corporation, USA
3D Reconstruction, SFM

Lorenzo Torresani
Dartmouth College, USA
Novel-Category Recognition, Classification using Multiple Kernel Learning, Learning Compact Image Descriptors

Steve Zucker
Yale University, USA
Visual Cortex, Differential Geometry, Early Vision, Perceptual Organization, Geometric Harmonics

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