SWaterG is a software able to vectorize (with SVG representation) raster images.

SWaterG has been developed by SVG Research Group in Image Processing Lab of Department of Computer Science @ University of Catania (Italy)

S.Battiato, G.DiBlasi, G.Gallo, A.Costanzo and S.Nicotra ( 2005 ), " SVG Rendering by Watershed Decomposition ", IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging .

You can try an on line version of the sofware simply fillig fields in the following form or you can see previus results here

(Limit Size is 200Kb or 640x480 pixels)

Pixel - sorting:
Gradient quantization:
Metric :
agostinocostanzo at libero.it, snicotra at dmi.unict.it