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List of posters sorted by author.
Notification of acceptance as oral presentation will be given by 25 June 2008.
All posters will be accessible on14 July 2008

Mosaicfaces: a discrete representation for face recognition
J. Aghajanian, S. J.D. Prince

Texture algorithms for human perception of naturalness
A. Bialek, A. Forbes, R. Montgomery, T. Goodman

Performance Design of Cardiovascular X-ray Image-processing Systems
R. Albers, E. Suijs, P. H. N. de With

Expression Invariant Face Recognition using a 3D Morphable Model
Brian Amberg
(Winner of the Best Student Prize)

People-Tracking-by-Detection and People-Detection-by-Tracking
Mykhaylo Andriluka, Stefan Roth, Bernt Schiele

Unsupervised fuzzy clustering for trajectory analysis
Nadeem Anjum, Andrea Cavallaro

Shapes Fit for Purpose
Anupriya Balikai, Dr. Paul Rosin, Yi Zhe Song, Dr. Peter M Hall

Automatic Detection and Recognition of Trademarks in Sports Videos
Lamberto Ballan, Marco Bertini, Alberto Del Bimbo, and Arjun Jain

Keypoint matching with Complex wavelets
Pashmina Z. Bendale, Nick G. Kingsbury
(Winner of the Reading Group Prize)

Content Aware Multi-Camera Scheduling
Fahad Daniyal,
Andrea Cavallaro

Benchmarking automatic bundle adjustment results
Timo Dickscheid

Unsupervised Classification and Part Localization by Consistency
Amplification L. Karlinsky,
M.Dinerstein, D.Levi and S. Ullman

Particle filter–based visual tracking for real time videosurveillance
Fabrizio Dini

Vision-based prevention of workrelated disorders in computer users
Matjaž Divjak, Horst Bischof

Visual Modeling and Tracking Adaptation for Automatic Sign Language Recognition
Philippe Dreuw, Thomas Deselaers, Hermann Ney

Omnivideo Delayed State SLAM
Isaac Esteban

Understanding of Vision
Peter Michael Goebel, Markus Vincze

iview – Free-Viewpoint Video for Outdoor Sports Events
Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Joe Kilner, Jonathan Starck, Adrian Hilton

CITYFIT: High-Quality Urban Reconstructions by Fitting Shape Grammars to Images and derived Textured Point Clouds
Bernhard Hohmann, Ulrich Krispel, Hayko Riemenschneider, Sven Havemann, Konrad Karner, Horst Bischof, Dieter Fellner

Collaborative User Contributed Dense City Modeling
Arnold Irschara, Christopher Zach, Manfred Klopschitz, Horst Bischof

Thermal Imaging of Facial Expressions: Facial Action Units Classification
Jarlier S., Grandjean D., N’Diaye K., Delplanque S., Sander D., Vuilleumier P., & Scherer K.R.

Optmal Seed Generation for 3d Reconstruction
Michael Jancosek, Tomas Pajdla

Face components detection using SURF and SVMs
Donghoon Kim, Rozenn Dahyot

Continuous Global Optimization for Image Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction
Maria Klodt
(Winner of the Best Presentation Prize)

Fusing color and range data for improved car detection in aerial imagery
Stefan Kluckner, Georg Pacher,Horst Bischof

Continuous Global Optimization in Multiview 3D Reconstruction
Kalin Kolev, Maria Klodt, Thomas Brox, Daniel Cremers

Multimodal Analysis of Human Behaviour Looking at a Target Scene
Adel Lablack

SemiSupervised Boosting using Visual Similarity Learning
Christian Leistner

Learning Hybrid Kernel Machine Ensemble for An Imbalanced Data Problem and Colonoscopic Image Analysis
Peng Li

Texture-Independent Feature-point Matching (TIFM) from Motion Coherence
Ping Li, Dirk Farin, Rene Klein Gunnewiek, and Peter H. N. de With

Multi-view analysis and depth reconstruction for 3D videoconferencing
David Marimon

Obstacle Detection for Vehicles
Paolo Medici

Stochastic Generation of Realistic Content
Umar Mohammed,
Simon Prince, Jan Kautz

Joint Collaborative Tracking and Multitarget Shape Updating Under Occlusion Situations
Francesco Monti, Carlo S. Regazzoni

Acquisition of Kinematic Structure and Description of Complex Human Motion
Tomoyuki Mukasa

Stages as Models of Scene Geometry
Vladimir Nedovic, Arnold Smeulders, Jan-Mark Geusebroek, and André Redert

Fast and Novel Approach for Scale/Rotation Invariant Feature Detection
Alessandro Roat, Paul Chippendale

Qvision: Qt's Image, Video and Computer Vision Library
Antonio L. Rodriguez

Visibility Assessment for Driver Assistance Systems
Martin Roser

Shadow of the Stanford Bunny
Neil Sang,
C. Cold, D. Miller

Towards Robust Matching & Relational Representations of Objects in Images
Christian Schellewald

3D-Modeling of Seafloor Structures from ROV-based Video Data
Anne Sedlazeck, Reinhard Koch

Accurate self-calibration of two cameras from observation of a person moving
Tsuhan Chen, Alberto Del Bimbo, Federico Pernici, Giuseppe Serra

Visual Exploration of Buildings
E. Tidey

A Semantic Multimedia Analysis Approach Utilizing a Region Thesaurus and LSAGiorgos
G. Tolias,
E. Spyrou and Y. Avrithis

Geometry-Based Recognition of 3D Objects
Markus Ulrich, Christian Wiedemann, Carsten Steger

Low Cost 3D Scanner Protitype with Stereoscopic Cameras and Laser Illumination
R. Javier Vegas,
Claudia Russo, Maria Jose Abasolo

An Immersive Environment for Interactive Medical Visualization
Guangyu Wang, Jeremy R. Cooperstock

Semi-supervised incremental learning of hierarchical appearance models
Susanne Wenzel

Camera Based Indicators for Image Forgery Detection
Ido Yerushalmy, Hagit Hel-Or

TerraMax Vision System
Paolo Zani

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