International Computer Vision Summer School 2007

Detection, Recognition and Segmentation in Context

Sicily   ~   9-14 July 2007

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A new diagonalization method for Spectral Clustering, M. Aiello

Density-Based 3D Shape Descriptors, C. B. Akgül

Online Viterbi Optimisation for Simple Event Detection in Video, H. Ardö, K. Åström, R. Berthilsson

Continuous Model-Based Learning for Tracking Non Rigid Objects, M. Asadi, C. S. Regazzoni

A general purpose framework for on-line image mosaicing, P. Azzari and A. Bevilacqua

Computer vision to study cheese microstructure, M. Caccamo, G. Impoco, F. Zanini, G. Tromba, P. Campo, S. Carpino, G. Licitra

Bleeding Removal for Video and Still DCT Compressed Sequences, A. Castorina, G. Spampinato, A. Bruna, A. Capra

Shape comparison by means of multidimensional size functions, Silvia Biasotti, Daniela Giorgi, Francesca Cagliari, Andrea Cerri, Barbara di Fabio, Massimo Ferri, Patrizio Frosini, Claudia Landi

Visualization of Colour Information on Highly Detailed 3D Models, Matteo Dellepiane

Perceptual Image Filtering with Connected Operators and Image Inpainting, M. Dimiccoli, P. Salembier

INTERAMI – Advanced Interfaces for the Cognitive Interaction in Ambient Intelligence, Alberto Isasi Andrieu

Size Functions over B-Spline Curves, Barbara Di Fabio

Memory organization for invariant object recognition, G. S. Donatti, R. P. Würtz

Multiple Hypothesis Shape-Based Tracker, A. Dore and C. S. Regazzoni

Scale Space Feature Analysis for Building Detection, M. Drauschke

Embedded Vision System for Robotics, D. Caltabiano, R. Sannino

Natural Versus Artificial Scene Classification by Ordering Discrete Fourier Power Spectra, G. M. Farinella

3D segmentation of volumetric data with position-based deformable bodies, M. Fratarcangeli

Different Levels of Supervision for Categorizing Visual Categories, M. Fritz, B. Schiele

Semantic Interpretation of Binary Partition Trees with Description Graphs, X. Giró, F. Marqués

On-line Boosting and Vision, H. Grabner, H. Bischof

Image Segmentation for Road Extraction using Normalized Cuts, A. Grote

Techniques For Microarray Image Analysis, G. C. Guarnera

Multi-View 3D Objects Analysis for Collaborative Interactions, R. Guerchouche, F. Coldefy, T. Zaharia, F. Prêteux

Automatic Discrimination of Farmland Types using IKONOS-Imagery, P. Helmholz

3D Bone Models From CT for Clinical Evaluation, G. Impoco

Boosting Content-based 3D Model Retrieval, H. Laga

Hybrid Learning of Large Jigsaws, J. A. Lasserre

The use of Ontologies for improving Image Retrieval & Annotation, A. Llorente

Reconstructing Cultural Heritage from photos: An Image Based Modelling Solution, G. Mattiolo

Recognizing Groceries in situ Videos Colleceted in Store Online Images Using in vitro Training Data, M. Merler

Depth Information by Stage Classification, V. Nedovic, A. Smeulders, A. Redert, J-M Geusebroek

Spatio-temporal constraints for recognizing 3D objects in videos, N. Noceti, E.Delponte, F.Odone, A.Verri

Confidence-based Cue Integration for Visual Place Recognition, A. Pronobis, B. Caputo

Raster Images Vectorialization in SVG, G. Puglisi

SIFT Video Tracking for Video Stabilization, G. Puglisi, S. Scellato

Online Place Categorization for Autonoumous Robotics, L. Riano and I. Macaluso

On-line Conservative Learning, Peter M. Roth (Winner of the Best Presentation Prize Competition)

Soft Computing Algorithms for Image Processing, F. Rundo

Detecting Articulated Pedestrians, E. Seemann, M. Andriluka, B. Schiele

Shape Segmentation for Shape Description, Olga Symonova

Reliability Estimation and Reject Option for Multi-Expert Systems in the Classifier Selection Framework and its application to medical domain, P. Soda

Digital Restoration of Antique Documents, F. Stanco

Recognition of Visual Object Classes Properties and Some Solutions, A. Teynor

Doctoral research activity, F. Tombari

Image Processing for Sense and Avoid in Commercial Airspace, M. Truman

Camera Attention Mechanism for Surveillance Parkinson Disease Patients Based on Repetitive Motion Detection, Z. Uhríková, V. Hlavác

An Integrated System for Recognition of Non-cooperative Subjects, I. Visentini

Grasped Object Extraction with Retina-like Sensor, T. Yamaguchi